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It's a Royal Affair - Part 4: Draw Your Own Box

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 11:00 AM

It's a Royal Affair

Part 4: Draw your Own Box

Meghan Markle shares the story in Elle magazine about her struggle with identity. She didn’t know what box to check. Her teacher advised her to check the Caucasian box because that is how she looked. Markle didn’t feel comfortable so she left the box blank. She shared this experience with her dad and he told her the next time this happens you draw your own box. I think we can all use the wisdom of her father and carry it with us everywhere we go!

When Meghan Markle entered the castle, it was simply breathtaking. I saw diversity in the royal world and I saw an evolution of love that started with Meghan Markle’s personal journey with self-acceptance. Through Meghan Markle’s blog known as the Tig, I was able to witness a little of her personal journey in becoming the woman that she is today. It was refreshing to see her boldly and freely enter the Windsor Castle and marry her Prince. Meghan Markle is living her best life and it showed!

As girls and women, we often struggle with finding our place in this world and sometimes convincing ourselves of our own worth is a full-time job that continues to be a process. We accept things that we shouldn’t accept. We say yes when we really should so no, and sometimes we say no when we should really say yes due to lack of confidence. We compromise our morals and values to simple fit in a box. This box may be a box that society has placed on us, a box that we are staying in to save a relationship that isn’t meant for us, a box that our parents and family have placed on us, or a box that we have created rooting from fear and limited beliefs. What would happen if we drew our own box?

The very moment that I got my first glance at Meghan Markle as she was riding to her wedding it made me proud. It gave me a little spark and motivated me to reevaluate my box. In my eyes, Meghan Markle redefined royalty. In a strange way she added beauty to adversity, and she made a grown woman believe in fairytales again!

This Royal Wedding will go down as one of the best days in history and from the perspective of a divorcee and a single mom it was life changing! I am ready to draw my own box with love being the center of it all. What box will you draw? What steps will you take to create your best life?


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