Moving Beyond Infidelity and Divorce

Christina R. Ferguson

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Coaching Program Overview

Love Conquers All: Moving Beyond Infidelity and Divorce is a 7-week program that utilizes an online coaching portal that is available 24/7.  There is a Welcome and Orientation Module in efforts to get you acclimated to the program.  Following, there are 4 online coaching modules. The program requires you to complete and submit your assessment to me weekly.  There will also be 2 private coaching sessions with me via the telephone with the goal of personalizing your healing experience and ensuring your needs and expectations are being met.

Welcome and Orientation

The first week is your time to familiarize yourself with the coaching portal and the Love Conquers All: Moving Beyond Infidelity and Divorce Program. 

Module 1 – Give Yourself Permission to Grieve

You can’t heal what you refuse to acknowledge! You will be challenged to bring your story of infidelity and divorce front and center to bring awareness to the hidden pain so that we can begin to take steps towards living your life anew.

Module 2 – Letting it All Go in Love

What does it truly mean to let it all go?  You will begin the powerful process of letting everything go that is not serving you and finding the courage to love yourself during this difficult process. 

Module 3 –  Private Session with Coach Christina

It is time to check in with your coach!

Module 4 – Finding You

What is your legacy beyond infidelity and divorce? You will reflect on your vision for your life and begin to take inspired action in creating your life. 

Module 5 – Love Conquers All

It is time to live again!  Christina shares her Bounce Back Recipe that demands you to take your life back.

Module 6: Private Session with Coach Christina

It is time to check in with your coach!

Program Includes

For a limited time, the program is being offered at the special rate of only $497 and includes:

  • 24-Hour Access to Your Coaching Portal
  • Welcome and Orientation Module
  • Four Online Self-Coaching Modules
  • Two Private Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Workbooks and Assessments
  • Coaching Tools and Exercises

My Promise to You!

As your coach, I've lived your truth!  I am sharing with you what I know to be true and what I have learned on my personal journey of healing! My promise to you is to be a nonjudgmental ear, virtually holding your hand through the process, and cheering you on as you embrace your new life.

Ready to Bounce Back and Move Forward?

Take the next step and schedule a complimentary chat with Coach Christina to find out if her Love Conquers All Program is a good fit for you.


Disclaimer: Please understand that the Love Conquers All: Moving Beyond Infidelity and Divorce Program is not based on a theological, philosophical, or conceptual framework and the program does not imply, offer, or provide professional counseling or therapy.